About Us

Who is KMT?

 We are Motorists – Scooter and Motorcycle enthusiasts. We love machining complex parts and have been in the manufacturing industry for almost a decade now.

The Team

  • Our Precision Manufacturing team consists of two engineers:
    • One is a scooterist, who loves vintage Lambrettas and Vespas, and is timed-served engineer, programmer and setter.
    • The other an experienced Fanuc Custom Macro B CNC, CAD/CAM programmer/setter. The use of these programs enables us to machine complex shapes, for quick tool changeover, reduced cycle times and we parameterise some of the fields in order keep the cost down.
  • Part of our team is a motorcycle mechanic with a wealth of experience in building and re-building a variety of two-wheel machines.
  • Our office is managed by professionals who ensure all queries, accounts and concerns are dealt with promptly
  • We have two casual staff members who help us bag the components and ensure everything is ready and despatched on time.
  • Our R&D team consist of a mechanical design engineer, part time electronic engineer and an automation engineer who comes in occasionally to setup test rigs to carry out flow/pressure/humidity test. All of whom, help develop new ideas to help make carburetors to work even better than they currently do.

We love what we do and we work hard to produce the best.

How we do it

Our manufacturing team select the high quality raw materials.

This is then fed into quarter of a million pound multi axis high precision CNC sliding head lathe with multiple tool stations

 The machines are warmed up in a controlled environment and all the axis tooling is then clocked and other tools set before we can begin manufacture. The drills and reamers we use are from the same manufacturer that makes the drills for the watch industry in Switzerland. Clocking them precisely, aligns it with the spindle so that all the inlet/outlet venturi, counter bores and jet holes are concentric with each other. This means that the parts are accurate and dont require any additional mechanical process to remove micro burrs as a result of not been aligned.

All the machines are regularly maintained and checked for backlash, alignment and squareness by manufacturing test pieces and appropriate instrumentation to make sure they are within specification. All the collets/sleeves used for work holding are periodically cleaned and eventually replaced before they become fatigued and worn.

We check the jets continually on setup during and after manufacture with the appropriate calibrated instrument and gauges. We section them to inspect and ensure that each and every venturi, each and every chamfer and brake edge are in there place and required surface finish is achieved with use of projectors and digital microscopes.

The jets are made to very tight tolerances with the critical dimensions ranging from 5-10 microns. Most other machine dimensions range from 10-30microns and only a few dimensions are made to 50-100microns. (1 Micron=0.001mm)

After the jets are machined they are then degreased in a seventy thousand pound enclosed solvent degreasing plant. The process involves submersing them in solvent, with mechanical agitating, recirculation and ultrasonic to remove and flush any contaminant such swarf & oil deposits. The final part of the process is vapour degreasing and vacuum drying, followed by air blast to make sure the jet holes are clear. 

Once they are cleaned samples from each batch are checked again before being put away, ready for packing.

The final product is spot checked, just to ensure everything is in order while they are being counted and bagged ready for shipping.


What are we up to now

  • Our R&D team are currently working on several types of OEM replacement jet including complex pilot jets.
  • Some are currently on trial, carried out both by us and our professional partners on various bikes and scooters. Once these have been completed they shall be released/scheduled for manufacture. We will be rolling them out over the next few months, along with other products that we shall be adding to our range. So please keep a look out.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

Please take a look at our jets and put us to the test.

From the KMT Team